While we will look to continue our support of our local organizations moving forward, we are going to make a temporary pivot for the next month in light of the recent developments regarding racial inequalities in our country. The events of the last week have been immensely difficult for everyone, but none more so than for Black Americans. We exist in a world whereby simple acts of daily life put them at disproportionate risk of incarceration and death, due solely to the color of their skin. And yet time after time, we’ve watched in silence as their mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters become nothing more than names on a page in a book that we’re tired of reading. Our company commitment is to inclusivity, compassion, empathy and a sincere hope that through the chaos, the message remains clear: Black Lives Matter.

Starting Monday, June 8th and running through the month of June, we will be donating the proceeds from Community Support Monday to The Philadelphia Black Giving Circle, which supports non-profit organizations undertaking impactful work in the Black community. We believe that by taking this step, we can help be part of the solution, rather than silent bystanders.

$1 from every 4-pack ($6/case) sold out of our King of Prussia location (pickup or delivery) will be donated to their cause in addition to a dollar for dollar match from Workhorse, meaning that for every dollar we raise, we will donate one of our own.